Agni: The Inner Fire

agni digestive fire

Written by Heather Burkart

My mission is to empower women with a natural, holistic approach to support health so you can be strong, vibrant, and content. My focus is on your whole well being including mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Your digestive fire, or Agni as its known in Ayurveda, dictates how you metabolize food, absorb nutrients, burn fat, and remove wastes and toxins. That’s all! 

You can have the best diet but if your Agni isn’t up to the task you might end up feeling sluggish in body and mind and store fat instead of using it for energy. Understanding the state of your Agni and how to care for it is one of the most important Ayurvedic principles that teaches that it is our digestion that is the foundation of our overall health. 

Cultivating a strong agni can help you maintain healthy weight, increase energy, and stabilize mood and stress response. Ultimately, it will bolster Ojas, which is our inner strength that manifests as our immunity. 

This webinar will cover:

  • The 3 Digestive Types (And Discover Yours)
  • How & When to Feed Your Agni
  • My 3 Favorite Agni Boosters
  • The Link Between Agni & Immunity

Join us on Zoom @ 7 PM CST on Tuesday, August 25th

Sign up here.

Agni is a big deal! Knowing which type you are and how to properly feed and care for it will make a huge difference in how you feel every day.

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