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Live Your Yoga On & Off The Yoga Mat

Do you love the way Yoga makes you feel ...
but some things are off elsewhere?

If only some of the following could be A LOT better:

  • Digestive woes – a sensitive tummy keeps you guessing

  • Sleep woes – not feeling well-rested in the morning

  • Emotional woes – unstable moods 

  • Brain woes – unstable concentration and focus

And they all get worse around your cycle. Yikes!

The missing link to the personal Yoga lifestyle of your dreams is Ayurveda, Yoga's Sister Science.

Ayurveda online courses

Bridge the gap with Ayurveda to create your own personal Yoga lifestyle and feel great both on and off of the mat. 

Ayurveda and Yoga are meant to go together. Here’s what you’ve been missing …


  • Ayurveda personalizes your yoga practice so you can feel better off the mat.

  • Ayurveda teaches the importance of daily routines and self-care practices to strengthen digestion and calm the mind. 

  • Ayurveda teaches mindfulness to strengthen your Yoga mindset all day long.

  • Ayurveda emphasizes caring for the heart and soul, not just the body.

Learn Ayurvedic wisdom to create your own Personal Yoga Lifestyle.

Ayurveda is the key to living your Yoga with heart and soul.

If you want something more than a physical practice, you’ve found your tribe!

You’re in the right place if you want to …

  • Enjoy a rich, personal yoga practice attuned to your wellness goals that doesn’t require a big time commitment.
  • Make time for meditation.
  • Approach everything you do with mindfulness.
  • Find out exactly which daily routines and self-care practices are most important to you.
  • Work with a personal intention to cultivate spiritual growth.

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Introducing Strong/her Body & Mind

I’ve created a self-paced program and a supportive community for yoga lovers to help incorporate Ayurveda into their practice and everyday life so they can feel stronger, in body and mind.

My inspiration comes from my own personal experience and the many women I’ve worked with for nearly a decade in my private Ayurvedic practice.

It’s my passion to help women make this crucial connection.

Once the connection is made, it’s for life.

Ready to truly live your Yoga?

... following an Ayurvedic regimen has helped me to be stronger and healthier ... my digestion is better, my cycles are easier, my skin is clearer and I feel more balanced overall; even while juggling life with two small children.
Ayurvedic Professional & Mom

What You'll Learn

Personal Yoga Practice

Personalize your practice to feel strong in body and mind both on and off the mat.

Personal Lifestyle Intention & Affirmations

Use these same principles to apply to other aspects of your life where it’s needed the most.

Yoga Lifestyle Essential Practices

Incorporate only the most essential daily routines and self-care practices to fortify your body and mind that fuel your personal intention and growth.

Monthly Lunar Practices

Learn how to negotiate the ups and downs of your menstrual cycle with Ayurvedic traditions and monthly rituals.

Maintain Balance All Year Long

Find balance through the seasons and keep your practice fresh so you can feel deeply connected with your bigger picture all year long.

How You'll Learn

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The Strong/her Body & Mind
Resource Library

You’ll have instant access to these topics and more …

Monthly Yoga Videos with Seasonal Themes

Introduction to Ayurveda & The Doshas

Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution (Dosha) & Imbalances

A Well-Balanced Practice for Your Dosha

Mini-Meditation Podcasts

Yoga Lifestyle Daily Routines & Self-Care Practices

Ayurveda-Inspired Recipes and Meal Ideas

Curated Selection of Ayurvedic Self-Care Products

Is Your Yoga Practice Supporting Wellness - Or Not?

Get The Yoga Balance Guide to find out and start learning how Ayurveda can help today.

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Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Heather! Think of me as a Yogi's Lifestyle Guru. I love helping women expertly merge the sister sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga so they can enjoy the Yoga Lifestyle of their dreams.

Learn more about my qualifications and experience on the About page.

The nurturing wisdom and guidance Heather has offered me ... have been beyond helpful. I am forever grateful for her help and support!
client testimonial
Yoga Therapist & Life Coach

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