Feed Your Soul

Discover The Path to Deep Nourishment

With (Self) Love from Ayurveda

Have food fads left you in the dark about what to eat? 

No Carbs ~ Vegan ~ Gluten-Free ~ Fat-Free ~ 

Low Carbs ~ High Animal Protein ~ Whole Grains ~ Healthy Fats ???

Ayurvedic Programs

Who Wouldn’t Be Confused?

  • Not sure what healthy eating is anymore? Lost your internal compass?
  • Invested precious time and money in diets and supplements and haven’t felt any difference? 
  • Is your digestion a mess from being on the diet roller coaster? Got gut-confusion?
  • Tired of wasting time endlessly scrolling through recipes every week?
  • Losing sleep over whether or not you’re getting the nutrition you really need?


The Feed Your Soul 6-week Self-Discovery Journey

a step-by-step program that dispels confusion and reveals your truth.

The next program starts February 2022.

Space is limited. Get on the waitlist and reserve your spot!  

Happy Woman with Ayurveda

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter fads and trends. Forever.

Discover Ayurveda. A time-tested wisdom tradition and highly personal approach that sees you as you truly are.

A whole and beautifully unique person in body, mind, and soul.

In this 6-week Practitioner-led program, you will:

  • Reunite with your truth. Discover your Personal Ayurvedic Profile, the key to understanding your own unique dietary blueprint. 
  • Ignite your inner voice of intuition so you can shut out the noise and focus on your truth. 
  • Learn how to restore gut balance with the whole foods approach of Ayurveda. Learn the what, when, how, and why of mindful eating.
  • Get optimal nutrition and support mind-body balance that supports energy levels, mood, and sleep with tasty, nourishing whole foods.

Choose the path that suits YOU best!

Level 1: The Self-Paced Self-Discovery Journey includes:

6 Weekly Self-Discovery Topics to learn about a simple whole foods approach and the what, why, when, and how of mindful eating through the lens of Ayurveda.

    • Delivered to your inbox at the top of the week
    • Suggested reading and links to resources
    • Weekly meditations and affirmations
    • Weekly featured recipes 
    • Information and discounts on Ayurvedic products
    • No need to change your diet during the program. Everything is optional!

    The Six Self-Discovery Modules:

    • Whole Foods Kitchen Makeover
    • Your Body-Mind Type (Ayurvedic Constitution)
    • Your Digestive Type (Agni), Burning Fat & Toxins
    • Your Mental-Emotional Type & Emotional Eating
    • Mindful Eating & Fasting 101: The When, How & Why
    • Personalize Your Master Meal Plan

     Self-Assessment to uncover your Personal Ayurvedic Profile and personalize your journey

      • Body-Mind Type (Ayurvedic Constitution) 
      • Digestive Type
      • Signs of Toxicity and Immunity

    Nourishing Seasonal Recipes that you can personalize using your Personal Ayurvedic Profile. 

    Soul Sisters Private Forum for connection and encouragement from other like-minded sisters on a similar path. 

      • Weekly live stream check-ins with Heather
      • Get answers to your questions
      • Links to resources
      • Accountability and peer support
    • Opening Night Ceremony with Heather and other like-minded Sisters who are also ready to embark on the Feed Your Soul path.

    • Online Client Portal 
      • Access to Weekly Topics, Resources, Forms
      • Food/Mood Journal
      • Weekly Worksheets
      • Timely reminders and group conversations via Group Chat

    Level 2: The Group Self-Discovery Journey includes all of the above AND … 

    6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (60 minutes)

    • Fine-tune your Personal Ayurvedic Profile
    • Learn how to personalize your Master Meal Plan & Recipes 
    • Reinforce Self-Discovery Topics
    • Connection with other Soul Sisters

    Journal/Workbook to cultivate your inner voice and strengthen self-awareness. 

    • Weekly worksheets help you stay on track and moving forward 
    • Track your meals, digestion, energy levels, sleep, water intake, and mood
    • Weekly self-assessments help you celebrate your success no matter what
    • Simple intentions and meditations to check in with yourself and stay positive​

    Online Client Portal​

    • A​ccess to Private Group Coaching Sessions​

    Get the best of both worlds and best value with Level 2.


    Level 3: The Self-Discovery Journey with 1-on-1 Guidance includes all of the above AND … 

    (6) 1-on-1 Deep Dive Sessions (60 minutes)

    • Begin with a 90-minute Intake Session to laser focus on and more strongly identify your Personal Ayurvedic Profile by reviewing your Self-Assessment together
    • Discuss your assessment findings and how they personalize your Master Meal Plan
    • Get highly personalized dietary and lifestyle suggestions 
    • Get highly personalized product suggestions

    Online Client Portal

    • Access Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
    • Lifetime access to all personal dietary, lifestyle, and supplement suggestions and product discounts

    Your Investment


    Schedule a Free Discovery Call. This will give us time to get to know each other, your wellness goals and needs, and find out if the Feed Your Soul program is right for you.

    Plus, I will share a juicy discount with you (not shown above). 

    Take the Self-Discovery Quiz before we talk.

    If the program sounds like a good fit, you’ll receive an invoice to make the first payment and gain entry to the program of your choice. 

    The first Self-Discovery Topic will be shared with you via email on the first day of the program. 


    Do I need to implement everything in the program? What if I’m really busy or go on a trip?

    No problem. The course is designed for you to learn about your Personal Ayurvedic Profile, strengthen self-awareness, and discover the ease of the Ayurvedic whole foods approach using a step-by-step method. You can pick and choose what you’d like to implement or wait until a more convenient time. Everything is optional. You decide when to put it into action! Everything is delivered via email and all downloaded materials are yours to keep. The program ends on October 31.

    What can I eat or not eat?

    Whole foods are foods as nature intended. They are unprocessed with no additives or preservatives. This includes vegetables, greens, grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, and meat, and any food product made with the above (again, no additives). Packaged whole foods contain only whole food ingredients and no additives. The invitation is to eat whatever you’d like as long as it fits this description; however, it’s not a requirement. Also, you may opt-out of any food group that you don’t eat.  All suggestions are optional!

    Do I need to give up my favorite foods?

    Not at all! If anything, the invitation is to add more whole foods to your diet and also focus on mindful eating. Not as much as taking things away. That’s entirely up to you.

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