Self Care Package


Ayurvedic Three Day Reset

Build Your Own Wellness Retreat


Rejuvenated body and mind with Ayurvedic  self-care practices and detoxifying foods. 

Need a mind-body break?

Feel like you are running on empty?

Is there SO little “me time?”

Do you tend to be at the bottom of your list?

Is it time for a reset?

We’ve all been there. You’re tired, stressed, and frustrated at the lack of time you have to attend to yourself. The demands on your time and energy seem to grow exponentially. You’re trying to keep up but it’s all taking a toll on you. What can you do?

An invitation awaits you. Yes, YOU, my dear.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of time; time that you spend with yourself and for yourself to rest and rejuvenate. This program is designed to guide you to reclaim pockets of time for “me time” and insert some of Ayurveda’s most cherished self-care practices that cleanse and rejuvenate body and mind.

It’s the rekindling of a beautiful relationship: the one with yourself!

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Sign up for Her Well Being’s Self-Care Package and get our Self-Care Guide with links to resources and Ayurvedic products so you can be ready for your personal wellness retreat to do on your own schedule. No pressure!

Three Day Reset Cleanse

In Her Well Being’s Self-Care Package, you’ll discover a curated selection of Ayurveda’s most cherished rejuvenating practices to help you rest and reset in body and mind. You’ll get resources to fill your own self-care tool box so you have something to fall back on even the busiest days. 

This is a rich, life-long practice that I personally use to keep my container strong that I love sharing with clients and women just like you. The Ayurvedic art of rejuvenation teaches that it’s the little choices that we make throughout our day that truly matter. They create the stepping stones that help us reclaim wellness through our most precious resource: time.

 Ready to Put Yourself At the Top of Your List?


Reclaim pockets of time you never you knew you had.

Rejuvenate with self-care practices that you can return to time and time again.

Build your own self-care routine from what you love. Leave the rest.

Sample recipes that support detoxification.

Start to feel like yourself again.

Get practitioner and peer support if and when you need it. 


What’s the value of a personal wellness retreat to you?

$300? $500?

What if I told you a practitioner-designed personal retreat could be yours for just $200? 

And, if you sign up early you can save over $100!


Enrollment is April 10th – April 17th, 2023


Sign up now by joining the waitlist to save $100.*

Add a private consultation with Heather to personalize your wellness retreat and pay nothing for the program.*

You can still sign up for the program after April 17th for $197.

*Special savings and free offer end with enrollment on April 17th at midnight.


Sign Up Early & Save

Get on the waitlist now to save your spot and get the early bird price of $97 (50% savings). Add a private consultation and get the program for free. Sign up BEFORE April 17th to get the discount and free offer.

Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:


Each week of the program you’ll get:

  • Theme
  • Daily Video
  • Daily Recipe
  • Daily Ritual
  • Daily Routine

All delivered to your inbox in one tidy email.

Join the client portal to gain full access to the program features (below).

Program Features

Live Q&A Session with Heather – to be announced on the group page 


Private group page where you can join the conversation, ask questions, and get bonus content.


Online interactive journals for food, mood, and lifestyle to track your progress. 


Easy to use Better app to bring the program with you wherever you go.


Access these features only when you join the online client portal, Practice Better.


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Next Steps

After you register for the program, you’ll get a welcome email with next steps.

Begin the program anytime after April 17th.

Accept the invitation to join Practice Better if you want full access to the program features.

Check your spam folder if you don’t see emails from Practice Better. When you find an email in your spam folder, use the link in the email footer for future emails to land in your inbox.

No pressure or perfection! You can return to the practices time and time again; they only get better with time.

If you have more questions, you can schedule a free call with me.

See you on the inside!

Much love,

Heather R. Burkart CAP

Founder, Her Well Being Ayurveda & Yoga

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