New Moon Rituals for Women Inspired by Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda for women's health and well-being inspired by Ayurveda

Written by Heather Burkart

I'm passionate about helping women unlock their greatest potential to experience the energy, focus, and mood that they deserve.

Discover New Moon rituals for women inspired by Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Yoga. These practices naturally support hormone balance for women throughout the month, regardless of their current life phase. They also help navigate the discomforts of the menstrual cycle and perimenopause. They encompass a broad spectrum of holistic methods, such as nutrition, herbal remedies, lifestyle adjustments, meditation, and yoga.

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New Moon in Gemini Friday, July 5th

Gemini Self-Care & New Moon Rituals: Time to Slow Down & Reflect

The New Moon on July 5th falls under Gemini, a mutable Air sign governed by Mercury, the celestial communicator. Known for its swift nature, Mercury influences motion, movement, and creativity. In contrast, this New Moon invites us to decelerate and reflect, providing an opportunity to assess our well-being and nurture ourselves amidst the New Moon’s tranquil energy.

Geminis may naturally resist slowing down, yet they’ll discover that important insights can be gained. Moving too quickly is not always the best approach, especially when the body and mind require rest during the New Moon’s period of low energy.

For all of us, the New Moon time is not the ideal time for big actions or decisions. It’s time to reflect and look compassionately at our feelings and thoughts. It’s a reflective time of setting intentions for the beginning of another lunar cycle. What are you looking forward to?

The Mercury domain covers learning, travel, transactions, and communication. Set your sights on what’s on the horizon and take this time to plan before you forge ahead.

Ayurveda and full moon astrology for a woman's vitality and longevity

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Mercury Remains Direct Until August

Lucky for all of us, Mercury remains direct until August 4, 2024. Why is this important? Mercury is our speedy delivery system in the sky that carries information, makes connections, and supports learning and travel (all types of journeys including internal ones). He encourages us to be the ever-learning student as he presents useful lessons to us even if they don’t seem useful at the time.

Saturn Continues Retrograde through July & August

Keep in mind that other planets go into retrograde as well. Both Saturn and Jupiter, our big outer planets, will both experience retrograde this year. Saturn started his on June 29th and will last until November 15th. Jupiter will begin his retrograde from October 9th through February 3rd.

Prepare for setbacks from these great celestial teachers during that time especially if those planets are strongly placed in your chart like for Aquarius and Capricorn for Saturn (Saturn in the 1st, 11th or 12th Houses) and Sagittarius and Pisces for Jupiter (or Jupiter in the 1st, 9th & 12th Houses).

Remember that when the student shows up, the teacher will be there by your side.

Learn more about retrogrades.

Yoga Rituals for Gemini New Moon and Throat Chakra

Gemini is associated with the lower neck and shoulders of the Cosmic Person. It’s also associated with the Throat or Vishuddha Chakra that aligns with Gemini’s attributes of communication especially as it relates to learning. This being a New Moon, I suggest a grounding and creative yoga posture flow that supports creativity and a deeper connection to Self.

When balanced, the throat Vishuddha Chakra facilitates genuine and truthful communication with oneself and others.

My Yoga Pose Picks for New Moon in Gemini

Cow / Bitilasana – open the front body, chest and throat

Plank / Phalakasana – strengthens the arms and shoulders

Up Dog / Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – strengthens shoulders, stretches front body

Camel / Ustrasana – stretches front body, chest, and throat (with upward gaze)

Thread the Needle / Urdvha Mukha Pasasana – to release tension around the back of the heart and in the shoulders

A Gemini New Moon Yoga Practice is an invitation to stay grounded in breath and body while exploring a creative flow.

Breathwork Rituals (Pranayama) for Gemini New Moon & Throat Vishuddha Chakra

For a Gemini New Moon, I suggest Bhramari pranayama, otherwise known as humming bee breath, that supports throat/thyroid health. Gently done, it stimulates this area to promote balanced energy flow. In my video above I demonstrate how to do this simply without the mudra (hand position) towards the end of the video.

In the yoga video above, I also incorporate the Bija or seed sound for the throat chakra, which is HAM (pronounced HUM) starting with HA. Try it! It can be a fun element to add to your yoga practice that feels good, too.

Ayurveda emphasizes the use of mantra (sound) with yoga practice as well as pranayama and meditation for a well-rounded practice

Ayurvedic Herb Rituals for The Gemini New Moon: Gotu Kola

Geminis and are always focused on the life of the mind. For them, I choose Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) as the best mind tonic / nootropic that Ayurveda has to offer and is broadly used for its many benefits that support brain function and cognition including concentration, focus, and memory. It’s known as Indian Pennywort, Water hyssop, Mandukaparna in Sanskrit. It is sometimes called Brahmi and confused with Bacopa monnieri, which is an entirely different species. Gotu kola grows in warm, humid climates like it’s native Sri Lanka but also in places like Florida and Puerto Rico here in the US.

I like to pair Gotu Kola with Tulsi, known as Holy Basil, because the latter counteracts its cold nature with its gently stimulating heat and acts as an adaptogen for stressors that may push our buttons around the New Moon.

Tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil, is a magical plant. It hails from the mint family and has an extra pungent punch to help stoke an Airy, cold digestive system that is inherent in a Mercurial type (you, too Virgos!). It brightens the mind with its lightness and helps us breathe more deeply. Perfect for an early morning beverage as you’re preparing for your day (or yoga practice!).

Other additions are licorice root** for the throat and vocal cords, cardamom and fennel helps to balance digestion.

**Licorice is not for long-term use for those with hypertension.

Balanced Mind Tea

This is a clarifying tea that will support the Manovaha Strota (mind channel) mixed with digestive herbs. Ayurveda herbalism emphasizes combining cold herbs with digestive herbs because they need to digest well in order to benefit the mind. This is why taking Gotu Kola capsules or tablets may not be as effective especially if your digestive system isn’t functioning properly.

  • 1/2 c. dry Gotu Kola tea leaves (use 1 cup with fresh leaves if you can find them!)
  • 1/4 c. dry Tulsi leaves (use 1/2 cup fresh leaves)
  • 1 Tbsp. dry licorice root
  • 1 cardamom pod, smashed to release aromatic seeds inside
  • Sprinkle of fennel seeds
  • 4 cups water

Place herbs, fennel seeds, and cardamom in a quart mason jar. Pour 2 cups of hot water over the leaves and set aside.

Bring 2 cups of water to a simmer with the licorice root. Turn off the heat and let steep 5-10 minutes.

Strain both teas into the mason jar. Add the slices of ginger (or dry ginger).

Stir well.

For more nourishment, add a little milk of your choice. This is my current favorite. Yum!

Enjoy cool or warm.

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new and full moon rituals for women's health and wellbeing inspired by Ayurveda astrology
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New Moon Ayurveda Self-Care Rituals

Ayurveda wisdom tells us to prepare for the low energy that is consistent with the waning and New Moon. Take some time during the week of the New Moon to tend to yourself. It can be a time of great vulnerability.

During the New Moon, it is important to try to conserve energy as much as possible, especially for our dear Ariens who like to push themselves. Trust your intuition and your heart about how you can best take care of yourself without listening to all the noise. Listen to your body.

Allow self-care to show up however it needs to.

Here are some suggestions for New Moon self-care rituals:

  • A relaxing bath with candles and calming, cooling essentials oils like mint, rose and/or chamomile
  • A slow, meditative walk in nature.
  • Head to bed early with a journal or an inspiring book.
  • Listen to an inspiring guided meditation.
  • Trust your gut feelings and let intuition guide you.

Tune into what your needs are and try to meet them with a kind gesture towards yourself that’s also very doable. Self-care shouldn’t feel stressful.

Remember that the moon holidays highlight our emotions and intuition. Trust your gut feelings. Listen to your body and your heart.

July’s New Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra: Forging the Right Path for You

Nakshatras are known as lunar mansions or stations. There are 28 stations of the moon. The moon changes lunar stations every day, which makes nakshatras more specific to the lunar holiday (new or full moon) it correlates with.

full moon rituals for women's health and wellbeing inspired by Ayurveda astrology

This New Moon falls into the lunar mansion, or nakshatra, of Punarvasa ruled by Aditi the mother of the Gods and the planet Jupiter. She creates the spark of inspiration that gives birth to creativity and imagination and helps us step beyond our perceived limitations. Aditi is the doorway to your wildest dreams.

This can be an exciting time of optimism and innovation. However, you can also think too big or bite off more than you can chew. It’s a delicate balance. Listening to your intuition and keeping one foot on the ground is critical.

Punarvasa Nakshatra is associated with the throat or Vishuddha Chakra. This chakra aids in honest communication that lines up with what we think and how we act. It is nurtured by the lower chakras including the heart chakra that connects words with our feelings. What messages are most important to convey to ourselves and others for the lunar cycle ahead?

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August 2024 New/Full Moon Dates: Looking Ahead

  • August 4th: New Moon in Cancer
  • August 4th: Mercury Retrograde until August 28th
  • August 19th: Full Moon in Aquarius

Check back next month for more inspiration for lunar practices that support your body, mind, and spirit!

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Ayurveda for women's health and wellness

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