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Discover How To Feed Your Soul

**All sessions take place on the phone or virtually**

A 3-month transformational wellness journey steeped in the profound Ayurvedic teachings and rituals for women’s wellness. 

Discover Your Personal Ayurvedic Wellness Profile 

  • Unique Ayurvedic Constitution & Body-Type 
  • Ayurvedic Astrology Zodiac Signs & Planets
  • Energetic/Dosha Imbalance
  • Digestive Type & Strength
  • Immunity Strength
  • Toxicity Levels
  • Mental/Emotional Type

A Month by month and step by step personalized wellness program that shares well-kept secrets from Ayurveda & Yoga based on your Personal Ayurvedic Wellness Profile. 

  • One 60-minute Deep Dive session each month to discuss the inner workings of your diet, lifestyle, and personal habits.
  •  One 30-minute Coaching session each month for support and troubleshooting to keep you moving forward. 
  • Highly personalized and practical suggestions for dietary, lifestyle, self-care, and herbal given step-by-step to facilitate transformation in body, mind, and spirit. 
  • Each month focuses on profound Vedic teachings and practical wisdom and how to implement transformational rituals into your lifestyle including 
    • Ayurvedic Food Rituals
    • Ayurvedic Daily Rituals
    • Ayurvedic Monthly & Seasonal Rituals
  • Regular emails to keep you on track and moving forward. 
  • Instant access to monthly webinars. 
  • Optional Yoga & Meditation component to your Personal Ayurvedic Wellness Plan with private yoga sessions tailored to your interests and needs.

Contact hello@herwellbeing.com for more details. 

Join a Feed Your Soul monthly webinar to learn more about the teachings and rituals that are at the foundation of this program. More info on the Events page. 

1-on-1 Ayurvedic Services

Feed Your Soul 

A 3-month transformational wellness journey steeped in the profound Ayurvedic teachings and rituals for women’s wellness. 

Discover Your Personal Ayurvedic Wellness Profile

(1) 60-min Deep Dive Session per month. 

(1) 30-min Coaching sessions per month. 

Monthly summaries with dietary, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions; plus recipes. 

See left column for more details. 

All sessions take place by phone or virtually. 

New Client Starter Package 

Ayurvedic consultation is for new clients and includes:

(1) 90-120 minute Deep Dive session

(1) 60-minute Findings/Strategy session

Detailed summary with your Personal Ayurvedic Wellness Profile and a starter set of suggestions for Ayurvedic diet and nutrition, mindful lifestyle, and herbal products

All sessions take place by phone or virtually. 

Personalized Home Cleanse

For both new or existing clients who would like to try a short personalized Ayurvedic detoxification program they can do at home. Learn how to use gut-supporting whole foods, healthy fats, gentle cleansing Ayurvedic herbs, and a nourishing home routine to detox body, mind, and spirit that you can repeat time and time again.

Includes (1) 90-minute Deep Dive session, detailed instructions, and recipes. 

Available by phone or virtually

I have been blessed to work with Heather as my Ayurvedic practitioner for over ten years. Of all the healthcare providers I’ve worked with, Heather’s approach to wellness has been the most powerful and successful because her guidance and suggestions address the root causes of my imbalances, instead of simply covering up symptoms.

Heather’s gentle, nonjudgmental approach is what keeps me coming back to her. When we first started working together I felt like such a mess, but Heather met me where I was and helped me to practically and gradually integrate Ayurveda into my busy, Western life as a Mom and business owner.

Over time, Heather has become a spiritual mentor, guide and friend. I feel so lucky to have her continuous wisdom and support as I navigate the ups and downs of life.


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