Private Ayurvedic Consultation


Personal Ayurvedic Profile Deep Dive

For those who want to discover their true nature, source of imbalances, and which herb and personal care products are best for them.

This 60-minute private session explores your the many aspects of your Personal Ayurvedic Profile that consists of Prakruti (Ayurvedic constitution), Vikruti (imbalances), digestive type (Agni), signs of toxins, and so much more. You’ll get a Personal Ayurveda Self-Care Guide (PDF) with links to resources and Ayurvedic products.

Self-Discovery Session

For those who want to discover their true nature and imbalance and learn how to manage them with personal protocols. 

This 90-minute private session will help you understand your true nature (Ayurvedic constitution) and the imbalances that are getting in your way to full mind-body wellness. You’ll get a comprehensive report with personal protocols for diet, lifestyle, herb products, and yoga. 

Free Discovery Call

For those who are wondering where to start and which service is right for them. 

A 20-minute phone call or web meeting to discuss your wellness goals and which service may be the most appropriate. 

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