Online Ayurveda Programs


Life of Balance: The Holistic Lifestyle of Your Dreams with Ayurveda

A 3-month immersion into the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. Perfect for those who want to try Ayurveda and are not sure where to start. No experience with Ayurveda is necessary. 

You can have the holistic lifestyle of your dreams with Ayurveda with peer and practitioner support with less stress. In this step-by-step program, you’ll receive weekly inspiration with links to resources, recipes, video tutorials, and more. Join the next cohort for group coaching sessions with Heather to laser focus on each weekly topic. Personalize your journey with a 1:1 consultation with Heather.

Reset & Restore: A Mind-Body Boost With An Ayurvedic Cleanse

A 2-week foray into the ritual of gentle Ayurvedic detoxification for those who want to boost energy levels, support gut health, and mental clarity with a natural, holistic approach. 

Get daily emails and all the tips and tools you need to create your own Ayurvedic home cleanse with expert guidance from an Ayurvedic practitioner. The cleanse uses Ayurvedic detoxifying superfoods, herbs, detoxifying self-care practices, and Ayurvedic products (not included in the program cost).  Join the next cohort for group coaching sessions. Personalize your journey with a 1:1 consultation with Heather.

Three-Day Reset: A Body & Mind DIY Ayurveda Retreat

Give yourself the greatest gift: time for yourself with love from Ayurveda. Great for whenever you need to take a pause and push the restart button. 

Ayurveda has your back when it comes to mind-body rejuvenation. Three-Day Reset is for those who want to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a much-needed self-care retreat. In three days, sample Ayurvedic restorative practices to create your own mini-retreat. Get inspiration every day for different recipes and practices to pamper yourself. 

Free Discovery Call

For those who have questions about Her Well Being’s programs.

A 20-minute phone call or web meeting to discuss your wellness goals and which course or program may be the most appropriate. 

Need help with your program? Book this call and Heather can walk you through the client portal. 

Ayurvedic Programs FAQ’s

What is the difference between a course and a program?

An online course can be done on your own, anytime you’d like to begin. They’re like self-guided introductions to Ayurvedic principles and practices.

An online program, on the other hand, will include group and/or personal support from Heather and may have fixed-dates when they are available. This option is great for those who want more accountability and support. 

How do I access my program?

You’ll get an email confirmation from Practice Better, the client portal. Open the link and create an account to access the client portal using a personal email address, if you don’t already have a Practice Better account. Sign in to your client dashboard and look for Programs listed in the left-hand navigation menu. 

Learn more about onboarding for new clients here.

Can I get help with my program?

Of course! From the portal, you can send Heather a message or sign up for a free call (above) if you’re having problems signing in. 

How can I book a consultation with Heather?

Book a consultation service with Heather from your client dashboard in Practice Better. New clients can book a 90-minute intake and returning clients can book  60-minute follow-up consultation.

How can I order the suggested products?

You’ll get an email invite to join our online dispensary on Fullscript where you can find many of our favorite Ayurvedic products and brands. Create an account using a different email than the one you use with Practice Better. Embedded affiliate links will link directly to the vendor’s website where you can purchase products. 

Is there an app?

Yes! Download the Better app to take your program with you. Take advantage of the online food, mood and lifestyle journals to track your progress. 

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