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Why am I so tired?

You’re not alone. I’ve heard it so many times from clients.

Busy, on-to-the go lives has caused women to neglect their basic needs. They have landed at the bottom of their list and self-care has become a luxury. 

It’s not their fault. They are just trying to keep up.

I know. It happens to me.

Then I discovered Ayurveda and learned that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ayurveda knows that when we neglect ourselves, we neglect not only our health and well-being; we neglect to fill our own well. We run on empty and that becomes normal.

As one of the oldest holistic healthcare systems, Ayurveda has supported generations of women in India. It’s time-tested wisdom encourages us to put ourselves at the top of the list where we belong.

Welcome to the first step to doing just that so you feel like yourself again – only better.

I’m glad you’re here.


Hi, I’m Heather.

Do you want to harness the timeless teachings of Ayurveda to revitalize your body, mind, and lift your spirit?

I empower women to unlock their energy potential so they can live life to the fullest and enjoy the best energy, mood, and focus.

Discover Heather’s unique approach


and unlock your energy potential.

 Choose The Approach That Works For You

Online Ayurvedic Courses

Discover Ayurvedic wisdom with Heather’s expert guidance and top tips so you can start living your best life. Choose one of Heather’s self-paced courses to start anytime you’d like. Courses are a great place to start for beginners, curious minds, or those with busy schedules.

Ayurvedic Group Programs

Looking for peer and practitioner support? With a group program, you’ll get more guidance from Heather and be invited to join our group page and live group coaching sessions for lively discussion. Choose a fixed-date program that fits your budget and schedule. Programs are great for accountability and community, too!

One-on-One Ayurvedic Services

For those who are ready for a personal approach to co-create a lifestyle that best supports mind-body-spirit wellness. Private consultation with Heather is a deep dive into transformative  Ayurvedic wisdom. Begin your personal journey to YOUR well being today. No previous experience with Ayurveda s needed.

Not Sure Where To Start?


 I’m here to answer your questions!

Let’s hop on a 20-minute call so you can find out if Ayurveda is a good fit for you.

If so, learn the best place to begin the journey to YOUR well being.

Heather is warm and welcoming and is full of so much wonderful knowledge. She has helped me learn so much about myself and how to live honoring my true nature.


Naturally bolster energy, mental focus, and mood with a cleanse inspired by Ayurveda.


Free yourself from toxins with the Clean Living Challenge.

clean living challenge

Join the Gut Cleanse Webinar LIVE.

Discover the benefits of an Ayurveda-inspired gut cleanse and if you’re due for one.

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