Online Ayurveda Courses


Clean Living Challenge: Revitalize Your Body & Mind in 7 Days (starting soon!)

For those who want to sample Ayurvedic detoxifying practices to support healthy energy levels, digestion, and metabolism.

Toxins can make you feel sluggish, slow, and just plain blah. They affect both body and mind and can lead to negative thinking and brain fog. Are toxins standing in the way of you feeling your best? Find out in this 7-day challenge and find out how you can start living without them! Every day of the challenge you can sample a different detoxifying recipe or practice to boost your energy and mood. Start creating your own non-toxic lifestyle so you can feel your best. 

Mindful Eating Challenge: Transform Your Eating Habits To Support Gut Health & Metabolism in 5 Days

For those who want to sample Ayurvedic mindful eating guidelines to transform your eating habits and support a healthy gut and metabolism.

Ayurveda teaches us it’s not just WHAT we eat, it’s HOW we eat that really matters when it comes to matters of mind-body wellness. You can eat the most amazig food but if it’s done mindlessly then it can work against us instead of for us. It can cause indigestion, inflammatory metabolic waste , and a foggy mind. Learn Ayurvedic secrets to boosting digestion, metabolism, and detoxification with mindful eating so you can feel your best in mind and in body. 

Coming Soon: Balanced Cycle & Hormone Support with Ayurveda

Discover Ayurveda’s secrets to a healthy, balanced cycle so you can access inner strength all month long.

Sample Ayurveda’s most coveted lunar practices that help to support hormone balance and a healthy cycle, which is the predecessor to a healthy transition into menopause. Get off the monthly roller coaster and take control with food and lifestyle medicine. Support hormone balance with Ayurvedic herbal allies.

Coming Soon: Graceful Menopause with Ayurveda

Discover Ayurveda’s secrets to a healthy, balanced menopause and the time leading up to it so you can feel more like yourself again.

Support a healthy transition into and during menopause with inspiration from the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda. Find holistic support with food, lifestyle, and herbal medicine. Simple home remedies can provide relief from common symptoms. 

Free Discovery Call

For those who have questions about Her Well Being’s courses.

A 20-minute phone call or web meeting to discuss your wellness goals and which course or program may be the most appropriate. 

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Ayurveda Course FAQ’s

What is the difference between a course and a program?

An online course can be done on your own, anytime you’d like to begin. They’re like self-guided introductions to Ayurvedic principles and practices. Courses are delivered via email.

An online program, on the other hand, will include group and/or personal support from Heather and may have fixed-dates when they are available. This option is great for those who want more accountability and support. Access group modules, the group page, and online journals from your client dashboard.

How do I access my course or program?

You’ll get an email confirmation from Practice Better, the online client portal. Create an account with a personal email address to access your client dashboard. Look for your course under Programs on the left-hand navigation menu.

Learn more about onboarding for new clients here.

What if I have questions?

You can respond to any email you get with questions.

Can I get help with my course?

You can also sign up for a free call (above) for a personal tour of the client portal.

How can I book a consultation with Heather?

Book a consultation service with Heather from your client dashboard in Practice Better. New clients can book a 90-minute intake and returning clients can book  60-minute follow-up consultation.

How can I order the suggested products?

You should get an email confirmation from Fullscript when a protocol includes suggested products. Open an account with a different email from the one you use with Practice Better to order specific products online or peruse the Her Well Being online dispensary.

Embedded affiliate links will link directly to the vendor’s website where you can purchase products.

Is there an app?

Yes! Download the Better app to take your course with you. Take advantage of the online food, mood and lifestyle journals to track your progress. 

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