Post-Holiday Seasonal Cleanse

Ready to reset after a stressful holiday season?

Searching for a simple way to detoxify and rejuvenate with a step-by-step approach with lots of support?

Looking for something that speaks a woman’s heart?

Dear Sister, you’re in the right place. Now you can access deep wisdom for women about seasonal cleansing rituals that can dispel confusion about the what, when, and how about detoxification. Plus, it’s simple, safe, and effective. 

Ayurveda teaches women more than the gentle art of detoxification. Especially in Winter, the aim is to emphasize rejuvenation after the cleanse, known as Rasayana in Sanskrit. 

This is NOT a fad. Inspiration comes from the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s mind-body medicine. Women of India have been benefiting from a seasonal detoxification ritual for generations. Here’s your chance to try it.

Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse

Introducing RESTORE & RESET

A Seasonal Group Cleanse for Women: Winter 2021

Starting January 9th, 2022

Discover the time-tested art and technique of detoxification for women inspired by Ayurveda. 

Learn how to do a 7-day home cleanse that you can revisit whenever you’d like. 

Learn how to use common foods, herbs, and spices to support digestion, detoxification, and rejuvenation; the three hallmarks of an Ayurvedic cleanse. 

Learn how to safely detox to avoid adverse effects. 

Join the Winter Ayurvedic Cleanse Info Session on December 12th

Learn how to take the first steps to rejuvenation on your own. If you want more support, join the group program for an additional fee. Reserve one of just a handful of in-person seats at this intimate salon and spa. 4:00 PM Central Time. Free.

Happy Woman with Ayurveda

Group Cleanse Participant Benefits

Printable Guidebook with Detailed Instructions, Recipes & Resources

Daily videos with instructions to walk you through a 7-day home cleanse to reset your system: body, heart, and mind

Daily Cleansing Recipes

Calming Rituals

Timely Reminders 

Private Online Classroom

Ayurvedic Topics for Diet & Self-Care 

Food & Mood Journal

Chat with the Practitioner

Group Chat

Group Cleanse Schedule Overview

 Sunday, December 12th @ 4:00 PM CT: Info Session Location TBD

Waitlist Sign Up

Sunday, January 9th: Group Coaching Session @ 7:00 PM CT on Zoom

Monday, January 10th: Pre-Cleanse Day 1

Tuesday, January 11th: Pre-Cleanse Day 2

Wednesday, January 12th: Cleanse Day 1

Thursday, January 13th: Cleanse Day 2

Friday, January 14th: Cleanse Day 3

Saturday, January 15th: Post-Cleanse Day 1

Sunday, January 16th: Post-Cleanse Day 2 & Group Coaching Session @ 7:00 PM CT on Zoom

Your Personal Investment: Only $69

Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse

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What’s the cleanse diet like?

The cleanse diet itself is based on whole foods recipes inspired by Ayurveda. It is primarily vegetarian, includes some optional dairy, and is flexible to accommodate many diets; gluten-free and vegan included. 

Common foods include grains, legumes, vegetables, greens, fruits, and healthy fats like ghee. 

What if I’m grain-free? 

That’s okay. You can modify the recipes to replace grains with grain-free ingredients. 

What if I’m dairy-free?

The two dairy-based foods that are used in the cleanse like ghee and yogurt are optional.

Do I have to give up any food during the cleanse?

Although it is suggested that you abstain from coffee, alcohol, and processed foods during the cleanse for optimal effect, it is optional and completely up to you. Simply reducing these foods can very be helpful. 

What if I need help or have questions during the cleanse? 

Attend the live stream events in the Facebook group to ask questions or contact Heather directly if it can’t wait. 

What’s the total cost of the cleanse?

The cost of the Info Session is $20 and includes a 3-day DIY Home Cleanse. The cost of the group program is $69. This doesn’t include the cost of food or optional herbal and self-care products.

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