Seasonal Cleanse


Time for a Reset?



Try An Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse.

Reset your digestion and elimination with plant-based whole foods.

Safely flush toxins.

Recommit to smart food choices so you can return to a healthy diet.

Get back into a routine that supports mind-body wellness.

Learn detoxifying self-care practices to use anytime.

RESET & RESTORE: A 7-Day Reset

A Self-Directed Ayurvedic Cleanse Program

Available Spring 2023

Discover the time-tested art and technique of detoxification inspired by Ayurveda.

Learn how to use common foods, herbs, and spices to support digestion, detoxification, and rejuvenation; the three hallmarks of an Ayurvedic cleanse.

Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse

Why an Ayurvedic cleanse?

Time-tested proven system.

A gentle, nourishing approach.

A safe, simple food-based program.

No boring pills and shakes.

No deprivation. No dieting.

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Program Features

Numerous self-directed modules to help you prepare and guide you through your own 7-day Ayurvedic home cleanse to reset the body-mind system.

Expert Advice & Guidance from a Seasoned Practitioner

Ayurvedic Topics for Cleansing Foods & Self-Care 

Cleansing Recipes & Self-Care Tutorial Videos

Cleansing Ayurvedic Products Resource Guide (PDF)

Cleanse Planner & Workbook (PDF)

Cleansing Recipes (PDF)

Detox Yoga Practice & Virtual Class

Private, Secure Online Portal

Online Food, Lifestyle & Mood Journals

Private Group Page

Group Coaching Sessions

Chat with Heather

User-Friendly App

What Does a Cleanse Usually Cost?

You could spend twice as much or more on a detox program with one-on-one support.

4 hours of private cleanse consultations start at $500. Save 50% in this self-directed program.

Your Investment: $247

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What’s the cleanse diet like?

The cleanse diet itself is based on whole foods recipes inspired by Ayurveda. It is primarily vegetarian, includes some optional dairy, and is flexible to accommodate many diets; gluten-free and vegan included. 

Common foods include grains, legumes, vegetables, greens, fruits, and healthy fats like ghee. 

What if I’m grain-free? 

That’s okay. You can modify the recipes to replace grains with grain-free ingredients. 

What if I’m dairy-free?

The two dairy-based foods that are used in the cleanse like ghee and yogurt are optional and can be replaced with suitable alternatives.

Do I have to give up any food during the cleanse?

Although it is suggested that you abstain from coffee, alcohol, sweets, and processed foods during the cleanse for optimal effect, it is optional and completely up to you. Simply reducing these foods can very be helpful. 

What if I need help or have questions during the cleanse? 

Chat with Heather in the client portal or contact Heather directly via email.

Anything else included?

 The program cost doesn’t include the cost of food or optional herbal and self-care products.

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