Personalize Yoga with Ayurveda

What is Ayurvedic Yoga?

Ayurvedic yoga is tailored to your Ayurvedic constitution that is a unique amalgamation of Air/Vata, Fire/Pitta, and Earth/Water or Kapha. I teach you which particular yoga postures best support your constitution and bring harmony and integrity to the current state of energy in body and mind. 

We also explore beneficial breathing exercises, or pranayama, and meditation techniques. 

*All yoga sessions occur virtually.*

What to expect in an Ayurvedic yoga consultation

First, you will complete intake forms that help determine your Ayurvedic constitution and current balance of energy. During the consultation, we will discuss your forms and what the best plan of action is for you including which yoga poses, breath work and meditation techniques are best suited to you. You’ll get a detailed report complete with links to resources. 

You’ll also be taught one or two breathing exercises to practice at home on your own. And, I will suggest a form of meditation that best suits your lifestyle and schedule.

Discover which style of yoga is best suited for you so you can get more from your practice. And, how to modify yoga postures that may not suit you in a group class. 

Special considerations are made for pregnancy and postpartum.

Ayurvedic Yoga Services

Private Yoga Instruction

Take a virtual class with me via Zoom! No experience needed. I will tailor the class to your needs and interests. Mamas of all stages are welcome.

Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation

Learn specific yoga postures, breath work, and meditation techniques that best suit your Ayurvedic constitution and current balance of energy (or imbalance). 

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