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Written by Heather Burkart

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Lunar Holidays for February 2024

New Moon in Capricorn on February 9th

Ayurveda wisdom tells us to prepare for the low energy that is consistent with the waning and New Moon. This one is in Earthy Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Listen closely to the cues from the body-mind that ask you to slow your pace. I won’t worry about you resting on your laurels for too long, of course. You more than anyone know that Saturn is waiting and watching for your next move (there may be some finger-tapping, too). Never mind him and take your rest. He’ll be there to crack his whip when you’re ready to pull your bootstraps back up.

I can hear the Capricorns protesting loudly. Time for rest? Hmmph!

Yes, even you, dear Capricorn, need to press pause on your determination and hard work to re-fill your well.

It’s not just Capricorn ascendants that will deeply feel this call. Those with Saturn powerfully placed in their birth charts will feel it, too (in other words, you may also hear the finger-tapping rather loudly).

This is a good time to assess and reflect on your progress so far. Make new intentions for this next lunar cycle and create new boxes to check. Don’t worry, your realism and pragmatism will keep it all in check. And if doubt creeps in, remember to trust the process. I know it’s especially frustrating that you cannot know or control the timing or the outcome of all your hard work. However, if your heart is in the right place, all will come in good time in the right way. Remember to be open-minded to the ways that the Universe answers your call. Try not to focus on all the things that can go wrong; yes, there are many. It’s okay to let it all go just for a little while; it/you won’t go to pieces. Trust that the Universe has your back and wants you to succeed.

New Moon Reprieve

Take time during the week of the New Moon to tend to yourself. It can be a time of great vulnerability. Put down your latest-and-greatest project (I know that’s not easy for you, dear Capricorn) and orient yourself. Are you leaning into your strengths? Are you being strategic? Make sure that you’re on the straight path towards your goals and not veering off toward distraction.

Try to avoid stress, lighten your load, and plan some TLC time. Allow self-care to show up differently every day. Tune into what your needs are and try to meet them with a kind gesture towards yourself that’s also very doable. You don’t have to buy anything or go anywhere. Maybe it’s going for a long walk or running a bath.

I can hear the Capricorns protesting more. What!? A bath? Who has time for a bath?

Okay, okay. Maybe you’d like to just take a walk outdoors and ruminate about your boxes and lists.

Or not.

February’s New Moon in Dhanishta Nakshatra

This New Moon falls into the lunar mansion, or nakshatra, of Dhanishta, which brings the intense action and heat of Mars and the Pitta dosha. It is the engine behind the intensity or passion that you may be feeling by now.

The invitation is to reach for the stars while keeping your feet planted on firm ground. It’s great to be ambitious right now. Try not to let it all go to your head.

Dhanishta Nakshatra: In Tune With The Cosmic Rhythm

I am Dhanishta.
I am fierce and bold, yet grounded and strong.
I have the courage to follow my own inner rhythm.
I am dedicated to my inner call.
My ambitions are high.


Ayurvedic Practices for the New Moon

This is a great time for spiritual practices or anything that feeds your soul. You might be drawn to gentle or restorative yoga or a relaxing guided meditation like Yoga Nidra. Anything that serves to collect your energy rather than spend it.

This is not a great time for making big moves and big decisions.

The Full Moon in Leo on February 24th

The Full Moon shines on Leo, who is ruled by the Sun, our celestial father figure. We’ll get a big boost of Sattvic Pitta energy from our most revered Star.

For all, a Full Moon in Leo highlights the fiery quality of our ambitions and desires. You may feel a build-up of energy towards making things happen. The trick is to plan and wait until after the Full Moon has passed before you make big movements. This is to protect against impulsiveness due to over-confidence that Leo can cause. Leo can be child-like at times and that can be appropriate if called for or it can cause a mess.

Put pen to paper or have a good talk with a friend. Let the power of the Full Moon dissipate for a day or two so you can more clearly see the next steps. However, don’t miss the opportunity to channel that power through writing, meditating, and visualizing.

February’s Full Moon in Magha Nakshatra

February’s Full Moon will take place in the lunar mansion, or nakshatra, of Magha. Magha is ruled by Ketu, the keeper of the past and ancestral ties. We may feel called to revisit themes from our past. Maybe you’d like to take another whack at resolving lingering kharma whether it’s on an individual level or a communal one. Both can be equally powerful.

Magha Nakshatra: Detachment & Responsibility

I am Magha.
Within me I carry the wisdom from previous lives and generations – from Pitris, Divine Ancestors.
I remind you that you are much more than this body.
You are a free spirit, soul, connected to all other souls, through a subtle energy field.
You are never separate or alone.
Your actions, words and thoughts impact everything and everybody around you.
Right now, in the present moment, you become the ancestor of your future and your reality.


Magha invites us to see ourselves as part of a divine and infinite network of souls and consciousness, past, present, and future. We are all inherently connected and we are bound to each other. What we do, say, and think reverberates out into the Universe and strikes a chord.

How about we agree to make good music? We can be on different notes and still strike a harmony.

We can make beautiful music together.

Think seriously about your plans before unleashing them into the Universe. Ask yourself some questions.

Who is this helping?

What is the effect on our greater consciousness?

No pressure.

Make The Most of Lunar Holidays at The Women’s Full Moon Circle 

The Full Moon is a time for women to gather and support each other. A time for self-expression and channeling the full energy of the Moon for meaningful personal and universal purposes. The invitation is to sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle, a women’s tradition as old as time, as a way to be in tune with nature and the intuitive powers of the divine Feminine.

Through meditation, journaling, and sharing connect with this universal wisdom to guide us on our path toward personal growth, spirituality, and enlightenment. Every month is a different theme that takes us further on the soul’s journey. The highlighted zodiac sign is associated with a planet that brings its own personality and deep inquiries for us to explore. Won’t you join us?

The next Women’s Full Moon Circle will take place **in person** on Saturday, February 24th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM CST. This is a paid event.

Register for the Women’s Full Moon Circle.

Bookmark this page to get monthly Full Moon updates and information for the next Women’s Full Moon Circle.

I try to limit this to a group of a dozen women so please sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!

Resources for Lunar Practices

New Moon Ayurvedic Mini-Retreat

Carve some time out for yourself with my Three Day Reset. I lead you through a mini home retreat whether it’s just for one day or maybe a long weekend (yes, please!) with Ayurvedic inspiration for recipes, self-care treatments, tea, and more.

Rejuvenate with a Full Moon Cleanse

The Full Moon is an ideal time for a gentle, nourishing cleanse. Learn more about my home Ayurvedic cleanse that you can do you your own. Learn more about my program Restore & Reset on my Ayurveda Online programs page. Make sure to sign up for a Discovery Call so we can personalize your very own personal cleanse!

Explore Lunar Rituals with Her Well Being’s Full Moon Calendar & Journal

Get the Moon Calendar & Journal to help you track all lunar holidays. You’ll also get (Vedic) planetary information, moon phase rituals, and and an invite to book a Vedic Chart Reading to learn which planets are the main players in your soul’s journey.

Read my blog about Ayurvedic Lunar Practices for Women for more information about the specific self-care practices, inspired by Ayurveda.

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