Gearing Up: Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse

Written by Heather Burkart

My mission is to empower women with a natural, holistic approach to support health so you can be strong, vibrant, and content. My focus is on your whole well being including mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Spring Ayurvedic Diet & Cleanse has the solution to Winter’s heaviness and sluggishness

In my podcast Gut Health & Cleansing w/Ayurveda I go into detail about the Ayurvedic perspective of digestive health and seasonal cleansing through my own story and the most important things that I learned along the way. I also introduce a couple ways you do an Ayurvedic cleanse on your own.  Whether or not you are feeling Winter, you might be ready for internal housekeeping so you can reset and face the rest of 2021 anew. Maybe you’d like to try an Ayurvedic home cleanse for a safe and convenient approach that you can do on your own? And guess what, Spring just happens to be the best time to start one.   Take the challenge! An Ayurvedic cleanse is a perfect crash course in all the most important things to incorporate into your diet and lifestyle – and in short period of time. You can learn how to do it yourself with my E-book Gut Reset or learn in a group setting with Gut Reset Group Challenge.

The Gut Reset Challenge (E-book) is a convenient, food-based program based on the Ayurvedic system of seasonal detoxification

The Gut Reset Challenge E-book contains everything you need to try a simple Ayurvedic cleanse on your own: detailed instructions, recipes, grocery list, optional product lists, and more. A 30-minute phone consultation is also included.

The Gut Reset Group Challenge was designed to get you the best results while you learn about how to apply Ayurvedic principles to your diet and lifestyle. 

Designed for busy schedules, The Gut Reset Group Challenge takes place over 4 weeks and includes the E-book. I guide you step by step with weekly videos and resources at your fingertips to help you prepare for a 5-day Ayurvedic cleanse that, if you want, you do with the whole group – or on  your own. Either way, you won’t feel like you’re going it on your own! Plus, I’ll be in regular touch to help you stay on track.  You’ll learn what foods, healthy habits, and herbs are most important for detoxification – with a special focus on Spring.  Here’s what’s included in the Gut Reset Ayurvedic Cleanse Group program:

  • Gut Reset Challenge E-Book
  • Private Forum 
  • Weekly Videos to learn and prepare for your own cleanse
  • Weekly posts with links to resources
  • Peer Support
  • 30-minute Phone Consultation with Heather

Check it out on my Programs page.  Listen to the podcast to hear my story and how an Ayurvedic diet and cleansing saved me.  Watch or listen to the webinar Gut Health & Reset for Spring on the Webinar page.  Contact me for more information at Think Spring!

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