Eating & Emotions: A Conversation with Cassie Christopher

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Written by Heather Burkart

I'm passionate about helping women unlock their greatest potential to experience the energy, focus, and mood that they deserve.

Special guest Cassie Christopher joins me on an episode on the Her Well Being Podcast. Cassie is a registered dietician and health coach who helps women 45+ heal emotional eating. She tells us of her journey with emotional eating and how she found a road to recovery that she now shares with the many women she’s helped through her group and one-on-one programs.

In our conversation, Cassie tells us that emotional eating is something we all do. However, for some of us, it becomes the primary way that we manage our emotions which creates a buffer against the discomfort of unpleasant feelings. This can be problematic and we discuss some of the consequences in the episode.


Emotional Eating Can Be Healed But Not With Food

I ask Cassie, can emotional eating be healed? And how? Cassie tells us that, yes, it is possible. We can forge a way that’s healthier and kinder to ourselves. Interestingly, it has little to do with food. It’s not an overnight journey, either. It takes time as we learn how to find more compassionate ways to manage emotions.

Eating & Emotions on the Her Well Being Podcast

Listen in on the whole conversation with Cassie and learn how you can get started on the road to recovery so you can learn other self-soothing strategies. Learn more about Cassie at her website and get her Emotional Eating Roadmap.

Soothe Emotions with Nourishing Practices Inspired By Ayurveda

We also talk about my program The 3-Day Reset, which I invited Cassie to try, and how it might be a good first step to getting deeper nourishment on a mind-body level. Look for it under Programs on Her Well Being’s website.

Make the new year about YOUR wellness and put yourself where you belong – at the top of your list.

Happy New Year!

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