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Her Well Being Programs

Ayurvedic Three Day Reset

Free DIY Program: 3-Day Reset

A sampling of Ayurveda’s most nourishing rituals for anyone to try. Launches January 2, 2022. Get started today!

Ayurvedic seven day cleanse

7-Day Cleanse Group Program

Ayurvedic cleansing for women for
body-mind rejuvenation in a group setting
with Heather’s support.

Ayurvedic Six Week Feed Your Soul Group Program

6-Week Feed Your Soul Group Program

A self-discovery journey with a doable
week-by-week approach in a community
with other like-minded sisters.

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Want to try nourishing practices for women on your own?

You might be thinking by now, where should I begin my wellness journey to reclaim mind-body wellness that’s custom fit for me? Well, Ayurveda has ideas for you. They come from a tradition called Rasayana, or Rejuvenation, that consists of Ayurveda’s most nourishing practices. In my Free 3-Day Reset, you can sample these practices all on your own. Begin as soon as January 2nd, 2022. 


“HER gentle, nonjudgmental approach is what keeps me coming back …

Heather met me where I was and helped me to practically and gradually integrate Ayurveda into my busy, Western life as a Mom and business owner. Over time, Heather has become a spiritual mentor, guide and friend. I feel so lucky to have her continuous wisdom and support as I navigate the ups and downs of life.”


“I’ve seen Heather for several services over the years and most recently for some pre-natal and post-partum help. Her energy is calm, comfortable, and so welcoming, it’s no trouble at all to feel safe in her space and know you’ll be taken care of. The information she gave me during my pregnancy and after the birth of my child have been invaluable and I know I’ll be working with the practices, recipes, and knowledge for a long time.”


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7-Day Cleanse: Info Session

Join a seasonal cleanse group program guided by Heather. Video coming soon to the Seasonal Cleanse Program webpage. 

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